Linking to a remote record

XML Encoding

Old implementation encodes link to other record as

  • uuidref

<gmd:source uuidref="704c6337-aaad-47a9-b300-08f28c0e48e9"/>
  • or gco:CharacterString

  • or using attributes uuidref, xlink:href like for service/dataset links.

When linking to a remote record, the editor tries to collect information about the remote record:

  • title

  • UUID

Currently is supported:

  • ISO19139

  • ISO19119

  • ISO19110

  • ISO19115-3

  • GeoNode HTML format

At some point, it may be relevant to also support tags in HTML page or JSON+LD. Once remote record properties extracted, the link will be added as usual (same processes but with 2 extras optional parameters) with the following:

<gmd:source uuidref="fff43204-793a-4a44-96f7-918672a2047d"
            xlink:title="Bycatch by bottom touching mobile gears, Jan. 2020"/>

Standards supported

Source document

  • ISO19139

  • ISO19115-3 implementation made in metadata101/iso19115-3.2018#81

Target document

  • internal record: Any standards supported by GeoNetwork

  • remote record: ISO standards or HTML page (eg. GeoNode)